Cyanocorax caeruleus
Azure Jay
Azuurblauwe Gaai (Dutch)

Cyanocorax caeruleus - Azure Jay - Azuurblauwe Gaai (ZMA 13748)

ZMA 13748
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Near-Threatened Occurs in a various types of forest in a broad coastal zone of SE Brazil, eastern Paraguay, and extreme NE Argentina, favouring Araucaria-forest for at least part of the year. Gradually declining due to deforestation, markedly so at the western and southern end of its range, and now rare to locally common in the remnant forest patches. No subspecies, but two colour morphs, the paler verditer- or greenish-blue morph inexpectatus and the darker mauve- or purpish-blue morph heckelii; these occur side-by-side and are not confined to any particular area.

Items in the ZMA - 2 birds:
ZMA 13748 Unsexed, undated [before 1922], Joinville (26°20'S, 48°55'E), Santa Catarina province, S. Brazil, coll J. Spetter, received 1922, skin.

ZMA 25300 Adult female, 2 Dec 1969, Cuchilla (27°00'S, 55°02'W), Misiones, NE Argentina, coll. Dr B. Dubs 038, skin.

The first bird is of the inexpectatus morph, the second one is heckelii.

Apparently no longer present is:
ZMA 633, female, La Plata, died 21 Jan 1881 in the Amsterdam Zoo, heckelii morph, mounted.

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