Nestor productus
Norfolk Island Kaka
Norfolk-Island Kaka (Dutch)

Nestor productus - Norfolk Island Kaka - Norfolk-Island Kaka (ZMA 3164)

ZMA 3164
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Extinct This relative of the Kaka N. meridionalis of New Zealand occurred only on Norfolk Island and its satellite Phillip Island in the Tasman Sea. When the islands were in use for convicts in the early 19th century, the tame parrot was an easy obtainable food-item and heavily hunted. The last known bird died in captivity in 1851, and no more than 7 skins and mounts are known to remain.

Items in the ZMA - 1 bird:
ZMA 3164 Unsexed adult, undated [before 1860], Phillip I. (29°08'S, 167°58'E), Norfolk Is., Tasman Sea, Australia, mounted bird under a glass bell.

Our bird probably came from the same batch as the adult male and female in the RMNH/NNM, also from Phillip I., received in 1863 (cat. nr. 1 & 2). Measurements of ZMA 3164: wing 256 mm, tail 141 mm, culmen 37 mm.

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