Pericrocotus cinnamomeus [osmastoni]
Snouckaert, 1930: 312

Small Minivet
1 holotype

ZMA 33470 - Pericrocotus cinnamomeus

Holotype: ZMA 33470, 'female' [but probably a 1st winter male], Port Blair (Andaman Is., India), collected 3 Apr 1905 by B.B. Osmaston, ex Snouckaert coll.; wing 74, tail 73, bill to skull 13.5, tarsus 15.2.

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Additional information
A peculiar case of nomenclatorial confusion. Snouckaert (1930) gives a perfectly valid description of the Andaman bird, and mentions the specimen referred to above as holotype. Then he concludes with: "In case it might be found that a local subspecies could indeed be established, I should like proposing to name it after Mr. B.B. Osmaston who collected the bird", but in fact he does not coin a name. Thus, we have a holotype and a valid description, but no name, though by inference one may suppose that the name osmastoni was intended. Pending further research on the characters of the Andaman population and that of the neighbouring mainland, Roselaar & Prins (2000) proposed to use as name for the Andaman birds: osmastoni.

As far as types in the ZMA are concerned, all measurements were taken by C.S. Roselaar, unless otherwise noted, using the methods as described in Svensson (1992) and comparable with the data published in the Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds. All are in mm, and are given to the nearest mm when taken with a ruler and to one-tenth of a mm when measured with calipers.

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